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Green Buildings: A Comprehensive Look At Going Green

Posted by HappyHomes on December 12, 2022

“Eco-friendly green buildings are leading the way to a sustainable tomorrow in India.”

With increasing development rates in India, we are moving towards a more sustainable way of living. People recognize that sustainable living initiatives such as Green Buildings are the way to go for a healthy future in India. For instance, the ITC Green Centre in Gurgaon, ITC Maurya Hotel in New Delhi, and Patni (i-GATE) Knowledge Center in Noida are some of India’s best Green Building Initiatives. 

In this article, we will go through the importance of having a flat in one of the green buildings. We will also discuss all the benefits and functionalities of an apartment in a green building. Would you invest in a home like that? Let’s find out. 

Taking An Eco-Friendly Approach: Green Buildings 101

The “Green Buildings,” also known as sustainable buildings, are designed and built to minimize their environmental impact and maximize their positive impact on surroundings. This can be achieved through various strategies, including energy efficiency, water conservation, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. To put it out in simple words, green buildings are all about designing and constructing buildings in a way that is:

  • environmentally responsible
  • resource-efficient amenities
  • healthy for their occupants

By taking an eco-friendly approach, India is set on its way to reduce our impact on the environment and creating more sustainable communities. Moreover, many benefits come with having a flat in a green building.

The Next Green Revolution In India And Its Benefits 

Green buildings provide energy-efficient benefits, but their construction is a large-scale project. As a result, with just some added cost, it will undoubtedly benefit humans and the environment in unimaginable ways. Here are some of the benefits that come when you purchase a flat in a green building:

  1. Water conservation system-

Owning a flat in a green building will help you save up a lot on your water bills. Green buildings often incorporate features to conserve water, such as low-flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting systems, and onsite water treatment. This allows the residents to reduce the building’s overall water usage and save up on their water bills.

  1. Save money with renewable energy-

Having a home in a green building allows you to enjoy a stable power supply with no electricity cuts in need hours. Green buildings generate some of their energy through renewable sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. This reduces the building’s carbon footprint and can help the residents save a lot of money on electricity or energy costs.

  1. Have breathtaking balconies-

Adding that bohemian vibe into your home with an eccentric balcony is easy. One reason for the beauty of terraces in green buildings is that they are designed with natural materials. This includes wood, stone, bamboo, and more. This can enhance the appearance of the building. Moreover, these materials bring us back to the core meaning of green buildings, which is to create a sense of connection with nature. This is a crucial goal of green building design.

  1. Sustainable transportation-

The premises of a green building are unlike any other residence. The use of sustainable transportation options is encouraged within and around such localities. This maintains the air quality in the area. Eco-friendly public transportation, biking, and carpooling are significant ways these areas facilitate transportation. Amenities such as bike storage and incentives for sustainable transportation choices motivate people to take a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

There are many more advantages to Green Buildings aside from the abovementioned points. The buildings also incorporate plants and flowers with the help of vertical gardens throughout the surface area of the building. Thus, it provides an additional insulation layer and natural cooling for the installation.

Guide To Green Buildings: Discover How To Create One

India is progressing towards a much more sustainable and eco-friendly way of life. Initiatives such as banning polythene, firecrackers, and more have helped India reduce so much load on mother nature. Green buildings are another step taken to make the environment and air quality better. The following are some points that must be kept in mind when creating a green building:

  1. Consider the location-

The location of the green building can have a big impact on its environmental footprint. Choose a site that is close to public transportation, amenities, and services to reduce the need for transportation. The site should also be evaluated for its potential to generate renewable energy, such as through solar panels or wind turbines.

  1. Design for efficiency-

The design of the building should prioritize energy efficiency. This can include features such as high-insulation walls, windows, and roofs, as well as energy-efficient heating, cooling, and lighting systems. Natural ventilation and daylighting should also be utilized to reduce the need for artificial lighting and heating.

  1. Use sustainable materials-

Select building materials that are sustainably sourced and have a low environmental impact. This includes materials such as wood from sustainably managed forests, recycled steel and concrete, and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints and finishes.

  1. Encourage sustainable behaviors-

Encourage sustainable behaviors among building occupants through education and incentives. This can include promoting energy conservation, waste reduction, and water conservation.

By following these guidelines, you can create a green building that is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. 

The Future is Here: Building Sustainable Structures

Who doesn’t enjoy products that save energy? Assume you’re looking for a new phone. Now you have two alternatives, and you must make a decisive selection. The first phone gives you access to all of the quality features that you need in your phone.

On the other hand, the second one gives you the same functionality but with the added benefit of being energy efficient. This means that your smartphone will charge faster, run longer, and lose battery power more slowly. Isn’t it a great deal in the long run?

Similarly, owning an apartment in a green building has a lot to offer you in the long run. India is gradually stepping into the realm of sustainable living. With new projects being started and more realtors supporting green buildings, we are surely moving towards a better and more sustainable future for the generations to come!

The Key Takeaways

Adopting a sustainable approach is the best investment one can make for a greener and healthier India. It is important to connect with the best realtor in your area so as to know the latest properties available in Green Buildings. If you are interested in buying the best flats in Delhi, Gurgaon, and Noida, then get in touch with Happy Homes!
We help you enjoy the luxury of owning a quality home with zero brokerage charges and assistance with loan paperwork. Get in touch today.

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